As a new student on Knack, you are directed to Request a Tutor which will show up on the Tutor Jobs tab. This means that Tutor Jobs are by far the best way of connecting with new students that are already on Knack. 

How to respond to an open tutor job:

  1. Review details of the job and submit your offer to help. Be Competitive! 
  2. The student will either accept/decline or attempt to negotiate.
  3. Once a student accepts your offer, it will automatically become a scheduled session.

You can review and modify all of your offers in your inbox.


What if I can help but I don't live near the student?
Thats fine! You can still submit an offer to help. Just make sure to let the student know that you will need to work together via skype, hangouts, phone, etc. 

What if I can help but I don't already have the requested course listed on my profile?
You will be led through the process of adding the course to your profile while you are submitting your offer to the student. You will be notified when there are new tutor jobs for any courses listed on your profile (so make sure to add all the courses that you can tutor).

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