1. Reach out
    If you haven't done so already, message the student and introduce yourself! Ask how you can help — what material would the student like to cover during the session?
  2. Roadmap the session
    Make a rough agenda. It's always best to have a general idea of how you plan to run the session.
  3. Refresh and review
    Refresh yourself on old notes/practice problems beforehand. If you don't have your own notes anymore, ask the student to share any relevant material to help prepare for the session. There's no shame in reviewing the concepts you're planning to cover with your student(s)!


  1. Wear your Knack T-Shirt
    Make it easy for your student(s) to recognize you! (Don't have a Knack T-Shirt? Complete this form and we'll fix that 🙂).
  2. Introduce yourself/Build rapport
    A high five, a fist bump… Whatever works to make the student feel comfortable.
  3. If you have not done so already – make a plan
    Ask the student how you can best help him/her. Discuss what needs to be done and roughly how long you believe it will take. Explain your plan of action for the session.
  4. After executing the plan, recap to make sure the student is satisfied
    Is there anything else the student wants to cover today?
  5. Schedule the next session
    Consistency is key. If the student needs additional help before an upcoming exam/assignment, recommend scheduling another session ASAP. If the student feels prepared for their upcoming exam/assignment, recommend meeting again in advance of their next exam/assignment.
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