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University Policies

Honor and other university policies

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Honor Policy

When joining your university on Knack, you may be required to agree to abide by your university's honor policy and code of conduct. If so, you acknowledge that any abuse of Knack's systems or mistreatment of students will result in disciplinary action through your university.

In-person Tutoring

Your university may set policies around where tutoring is allowed to take place. If this is the case, you may receive an alert letting you know that you may only meet In-person at suggested locations, or that In-Person tutoring is not available at your university.

Tutor Eligibility

Tutor eligibility on Knack is determined by your university. You will not be eligible to tutor on Knack if you do not meet your university's tutor eligibility standards.

Subject Approval

If you are eligible to be a tutor on Knack, your university has established minimum qualifications for subject approvals. These qualifications are normally a B+ or better, but may vary depending on your university.

Supported Courses

Course eligibility is up to each university, and tutoring sessions within a program may only take place in those supported courses. If a course is currently unsupported, the information is conveyed to the universities so they are aware of the actual demand for a course and to know which students can tutor the course if/when it becomes supported.

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