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What kind of tutoring does Knack offer?

Peer Led. Connect with a fellow college student who has done well in the courses you are taking. Meet with someone from your college/university!

Course Specific. Remove the uncertainty of whether or not a tutor can help by requesting a tutor in the exact course you're taking. Tutors will have aced the course and, in some cases, had the same professor that you have now.

Group or 1-on-1. There are many situations where group sessions are preferable to 1-on-1 sessions. That's why we make it easy to invite others to join in. You can even set the session to public so others can find and join on their own!

Where does tutoring take place?

In-Person or Online. Meet up in safe location where you're most comfortable (e.g., libraries, coffee shops, etc.). If you would prefer to meet online, you can use our custom built Online Platform.

When does tutoring take place?

Now or Later. Potentially get help right now, schedule sessions in advance, or do both! Our scheduling platform makes it easy for you to get help whenever you need it.

Why does Knack Tutoring work?

Empathy. Being able to understand and share the feelings of another is crucial for an effective tutoring experience. That's why we specialize in peer tutoring.

Knack Tutors are students that have aced the class you're taking and can help you do the same. They have been in your shoes, they know what it takes to succeed, and they want to help you do the same.

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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