Knack Tutor Rates

A tutor's rate will be listed on their profile and may vary from course to course based on their level of experience and any applicable sponsorships. If you or the tutor have any active sponsorships, they will be reflected in the tutor's listed hourly rates and in the session payment estimate.

Session Cost

All Knack sessions are timed and billed to the minute using our session timer. You will only be charged for the exact length of the session (i.e., if your tutor charges $30/hr and you meet with them for 40 minutes, the session cost will be $20).

Group Discounts

Tutors get paid a premium on their hourly rate for each student that joins the session, and individually, each student pays less –– talk about a win-win. Learn more about group discounts here.

Pricing Estimates

Make sure you pay attention to pricing estimates to ensure you are charged the correct amount for your session. 

Pricing estimates reflect the SCHEDULED duration of the session. Pre-session pricing estimates will not be accurate if the ACTUAL duration of the session exceeds the SCHEDULED duration.

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