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Booking a Group Session

How to request, invite other students to, and start a group session

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Group Sessions are a great way to supercharge your studying. Invite a Knack tutor to lead your study groups and ensure that you're on the right track! They'll help you and your classmates review for an upcoming exam, quiz, assignment or project.

How To Request a Group Session

When you open a request form, you’ll notice an Invite students section. From there, you can allow other students to join as well as invite existing Knack users and/or contacts from your device's address book.

Once your request is sent to your tutor, each student will receive a notification to accept/decline the group session invite. You'll be labeled as the Organizer.

Starting Your Group Session

Invited students may leave the session up until the start time.

Once your group is ready to end the session, either the organizer or the tutor should simply press the red phone icon on the top-left corner of the online classroom to Leave call or Log time and leave call.

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