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Discover Student Programs

Where to find student programs

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A program is just our way of saying your school or college is paying for your tutoring! Any programs you’re eligible for will be automatically applied to your profile upon signing up through your school or organization!

Where to find your programs?

You can view your current and past student programs and their details by heading to Account SettingsPrograms.

If on the mobile app, you can go to Profile → My student Programs.

Note: Not every student will be eligible for Program. Please confirm that you apart of an active Program before scheduling a session.

Standard Conditions

  • You may only use Programs for courses in which you are enrolled for the current semester.

  • Programs funds are available while supplies last.

  • Programs funds will be reserved when sessions are scheduled.

Scenarios where a Programs may not apply

Since conditions for Programs are very nuanced, there may be scenarios where a program may not apply to your session, even when you are apart of the program and the course is covered as well. The following are the most common reasons why this may happen:

  • Your tutor isn't apart of a program

  • The course isn't within the program

  • Program for the semester hasn't been launched yet

  • Program has expired

  • You and/or your tutor were previously apart of a program but no longer are

  • You and/or your tutor have paused their program


Do Programs cover all courses?

Not necessarily. Some Programs may, but programs with qualifying courses are only eligible for sessions in those specific courses. You can check to see what courses your Program may cover by viewing individual Program details on the Programs page.

I see Tutor Programs, not Student Programs

If you are on the website, make sure you are on the Student tab of the Programs page, instead of the Tutor tab. If you are using the mobile app, you will need to switch to Student mode under your profile picture.

The Program just closed when the semester ended; will there be a new one next semester?

Programs close when the semester is over. There is no guarantee that there will be a program for the new semester, but if there is, it will become available as the new semester begins!

I believe I should be included in a Program, but it's not showing in my account; What gives?

You may not have verified your account with your school yet or you may have used the wrong email upon sign-up. Check that you have verified it and that you are using your correct school email! If you still have questions or concerns, reach out to us via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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