Your Tutor Profile

As a tutor, your profile is the face of your business. It is very important that your profile is complete, accurate, and (you)nique.

Have a clear profile photo

Meeting someone new can be intimidating. That's why having a clear picture will help students feel more comfortable with you. Don't forget to smile! 😁

Write a compelling bio

Your bio is where you differentiate yourself. It should include your expertise, background, personality, and anything else you think is relevant to share with students. Sell yourself! Here are some things to consider including:

  • Area of study
  • Degrees Earned
  • How long you have been tutoring
  • Why you like tutoring
  • Relevant job/internship experience
  • Relevant awards or recognition

Set an accurate availability

One of the best parts of being a Knack Tutor is that you set your own schedule. There are no minimum hours required. Once you start working with students, it's important to keep an up-to-date availability so that students know when to request a session for.

Your Tutoring Preferences

You choose when, where, and how you want to tutor

Tutoring Location

In-Person - Set your zip code of the primary location you serve as a tutor to help determine how you appear to students.

Online - If you want to help students online, add general skills to your profile to get connected with students who are looking for help online.

Group Sessions

Enable group sessions to allow students to bring others to sessions. It costs less for students and you make more $/hr!

Disable Tutoring

Disabling all of your subjects removes you from search results and prevents students from requesting sessions with you. You can disable or enable subjects at any time without having to re-submit for approval.

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