Comfortable tutoring groups? Lead a study group, group review session, and/or tutor multiple students together! The best part? You'll get paid a premium on your hourly rate for each student that joins the session, and individually, each student pays less – talk about a win-win 😏!

Enabling Group Session Requests

You may choose to accept Group Session requests in the app from the “Tutoring Preferences” setting; if enabled, you’ll be badged in the search feed indicating you support Group Session requests.

Receiving Group Requests: Viewing Students & Premium Pricing

Once you've enabled Group Session requests: from the request screen, students will have the ability to invite others to the session. This student, who sends you the request and invites others, will be known as the "Organizer".

As the tutor, you'll receive a session request where you can view invited students along with accepted/declined students. 

Group Rate Premiums will only begin applying as students accept their invites.

Inviting Additional Students

You and the Organizer both have invite privileges. Before inviting additional students, please confirm with the Organizer that they're okay with additional students joining. Once confirmed, begin inviting additional students to the session through the app.

Open the Session Request → Invite Students. You can make the session discoverable and invite existing Knack Users and/or contacts from your device's address book.

Starting/Running Your Group Session

Students must “Accept” their group session invites in order for everyone to earn discounts and for you to begin earning your Group Premium rate. Invited students may leave the session up until the start time.

Once you, the Organizer, and all accepted students are together, you and the organizing student will both press start on the timer to begin the session per usual. Once your group is ready to end the session, either you or the Organizer will simply press “End”.

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