This is the way to take your tutoring to the next level. If you are very confident in your tutoring abilities, you can create and offer exam review sessions. You make the appropriate content (practice problems, reviews, guides etc), and present them to your students during the review session.

What is this?

This is an opportunity to run your own private TA program for whatever classes you’d like! You already have the knowledge, experience, and insight needed to help students through these classes – we’re going to give you the tools to launch your own business out of it.

We highly suggest structuring these sessions as “Exam Reviews” and/or “Weekly Topic/Concept Reviews” so that the value is clear for your students. Of course, you may also use these as “drop-in style tutoring hours”, however, we’ve seen more success with them being structured around concepts/exams.

These sessions are most effective when run in cadence with the schedule of the actual class you are covering!

Why do it?

  1. This will be an easy opportunity to drastically increase your earning potential.
  2. This is an awesome way to meet new students to work with on a 1-on-1 basis.

How do I get started?

  1. Pick the classes you want to create review sessions for.
  2. Find the syllabus online for those classes. This way you know when the key dates like exams are, and what material will be on them. If you can’t find the syllabi, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.
  3. Create your session schedule! In the app, you can create sessions for whenever and wherever you’d like (we will help market these for you). How? Open Knack → Sessions → Create Session → Enter Details >→Enable “Public Session”

Now that I have my session scheduled, what’s next? Get the word out!

  1. In-Person - Use the syllabus + school portal to locate the classroom & class schedule. Go share your sessions with the students! We’ll send you personal business cards printed with your name, Knack URL, and a phone number that’ll automatically send anyone who texts it the link(s) to your upcoming sessions, pretty cool huh? This is by far the most powerful form of advertising.
  2. Online - This is a simple way to market your sessions and we’ve made it super easy for you to share them all through the app. Each of your scheduled review sessions has its own unique web page highlighting the details and there are plenty of great places to share it. We suggest sharing them in: school & class Facebook groups, GroupMe, LMS/Class Portal pages you have access to, etc.Open Session → Share Session.
  3. Using Your Current Students - This is one the most effective methods because they have direct access to their peers. Ask them to share the links to your reviews in their class portal pages and to invite all their friends through the app. Plus, if they share their referral code, they’ll earn free credit to have more sessions with you.

Tips for Success

  1. Schedule all of your reviews out in advance. This is very important as these reviews will always be discoverable by students in the app. Scheduling them in advance will increase your overall visibility.
  2. Utilize your old resources to provide the best experience. You’ve covered this material before and you know what it takes to succeed in the class. Share that knowledge and all of the material you’ve collected to help your students succeed.
  3. Create an in-person presence with the students. Go to the class and introduce yourself as it ends. Taking that extra time to build a personal connection will go a long way in growing your business.

PS – wear your Knack shirt to stand out :)

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