You can view active and available tutor sponsorships from the 'My Sponsorships' section of your profile.

As a Sponsored Tutor, part or all of you hourly rate will be paid for in order to make tutoring more affordable for students. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific sponsorship's details.

Applicable sponsorships are reflected in your listed hourly rates and shown in session pricing estimates.

Standard Conditions:

  • Sponsorship funds are available while supplies last
  • Sponsorship funds will be reserved when sessions are scheduled
  • Sponsorships are only eligible for hourly rate sessions
  • Any sessions that exceed limits will result in overage charges (see individual sponsorship details for applicable rate)

Am I eligible to be sponsored?

Organizations set minimum qualifications for their sponsorship that align with their pre-set standards. Most sponsorships that you are eligible for will be automatically applied to your account.

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