Your hourly rate
One of the best parts about being a Knack Tutor is that you set your hourly rate for each course you tutor. 

Fee Structure
If your school is partnered with Knack, you'll keep your full rate (minus processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction). Otherwise, you keep 100% of earnings from sessions with your existing clients, and 80% from sessions with clients you receive through Knack.

Group Session Pricing Premiums
If you're tutoring a group, you will earn a premium on your hourly rate per additional student. See the pricing chart below:

As a sponsored tutor, you will be paid a certain fixed amount by your potential future employer to tutor your peers free of charge on campus.

Employer Sponsors set minimum qualifications for their sponsorship that align with their entry level hiring qualifications. You can apply to be sponsored if you are job seeking (internship or full-time), interested in working at the company, and meet these qualifications.

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