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The Knack Online Classroom
The Knack Online Classroom

Learn all the features to your tutoring classroom

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With video, whiteboard, and screen-sharing functionality, the Knack Online Classroom is an all-in-one environment designed to help you provide the best tutoring experience possible. To use the Knack Online Classroom, you must first schedule an online session.

By default, once browser permissions are enabled, audio/video/whiteboard will be enabled upon entering the classroom.

How do I join the video call?

  1. Join an online session. Head to the session details and select 'Join Video Call'

  2. Enable video and audio in your browser. Make sure you enable Knack to access your camera and microphone via your browser settings.

  3. Start talking. Make sure that others can hear and see you before beginning the tutoring session.

  4. Have your session.

How do I use the whiteboard?

  1. Join the classroom. The whiteboard is enabled by default when you join an online session.

  2. Collaborate. The whiteboard is real-time and collaborative between all participants.

How do I share my screen?

  1. Join the classroom. And confirm your audio (and video) preferences are enabled.

  2. Share your screen. Click 'Share' to display what you see, in one window or on your entire screen, to everyone who is in the session. Only one person can share their screen at a time.

  3. Stop when you're done.

Complete the session

  • For Tutors: End the session timer or select 'Leave Call' β†’ 'Log Time & Leave Call'.

  • For Students: Select 'Leave Call' and make sure to leave your tutor a review.

Best Practices

  • If you get lost on the whiteboard, refresh the page to get back to where you should be.

  • When sharing your screen, make sure you're looking at a screen other than the online session as this will cause a looping effect.


  • What devices/browsers are supported?
    View our supported devices/browsers.

  • What happens when I refresh the whiteboard?
    Everything will stay there. Refreshing the whiteboard is a good way to get back to the right place if you get lost!

  • Can I leave the classroom and come back?
    Yes, you can leave and come back to the classroom as much as you'd like. Remember: Leaving the classroom will not end the session.

  • Can you add this feature to the whiteboard?
    We'd love to! Message us (by clicking the bubble in the bottom right) to let us know your ideas. Your feedback is tremendously important in helping us prioritize.

  • Are live captions available for my sessions?
    If you're on a laptop or desktop then yes, but not directly through Knack. Instead, you'll need to use an external captioner.

    Note: This only works with external speakers and will not work with headphones.

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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