Whiteboard Button Explanations and Keyboard Shortcuts
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Buttons Explanations

  • People/Hide People: Use this button to show/hide all participants in the sessions.

  • Expand People: Click on a specific participants video feed to expand it.

  • Full-screen: Expands the online classroom to your entire screen.

  • Help: Get extra help from the Knack team.

  • Mute/Unmute: Enables/disables your personal audio feed.

  • Enable/Disable: Enables/disables your personal video feed.

  • Pan Tool (Whiteboard): Use this tool to move around the whiteboard.

  • Select Tool (Whiteboard): Use this tool to select and move one item at a time. Press the delete key to delete a selected item.

  • Pencil Tool (Whiteboard): Select the color/size of this tool to draw freely on the whiteboard.

  • Shapes Tool (Whiteboard): Select the shape/color/size and use this tool to create specific shapes.

  • Text Tool (Whiteboard): Select the color/size and then click anywhere on the whiteboard to insert a text-box. Start typing and then click elsewhere on the canvas to submit the text. You can click to move/edit the text-box as needed.

  • Eraser (Whiteboard): Use this tool to erase certain parts of the whiteboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click the appropriate key(s) on your keyboard to use the shortcut.

  • backspace/delete = removes selected items

  • s = select tool

  • p = pencil tool

  • l = line tool

  • t = text-box

  • c = circle tool

  • r = rectangle tool

  • a = arrow tool

  • d = two-sided arrow tool

  • ctrl/cmd + z = undo

  • ctrl + shift + z = redo

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