Keep it simple
Be mindful of your student's level of experience on the subject.

Do the easy problems before the hard ones
Help build your student’s confidence by starting with simpler problems, reinforcing their foundation as you move to more advanced material.

Versatility is Key
Students have varied learning styles; if one way of explaining isn’t clicking, try approaching the material from a different angle.

Get to the point
Be mindful of the time you spend on each concept – maintain a pace that will keep your student(s) engaged.

Bring your notes
Refer to your notes if the student(s) needs more clarification.

Keep them talking
Test your student's understanding by asking questions and having them explain the material back to you.

Make sure the student is doing the problems
Remember, it's your student(s) who will be tested on the concepts, not you!

Summarize the essential concepts
Review the material covered during your session to reinforce concepts.

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