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Account Deletion

How to permanently delete your account from Knack

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You can permanently delete your account at any time. You can do so on the web by navigating to your Account Settings โ†’ Delete account, or on the mobile app by navigating to your Profile โ†’ Account โ†’ Delete account.

You canโ€™t delete your account if...

  • You are waiting for a 1099-NEC. In this case, you must wait until February 1st.

  • You have pending payments. In this case, you must go to your session detail page and pay all outstanding payments.

Keep in mind

  • This cannot be undone

  • Your account data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered

  • If you are a tutor with money in your account balance, any money left in your account balance will be forfeited

  • You will no longer be able to log in

  • You will receive an email confirmation when it is completed

For more information and support, check out our Help Center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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