If you are an established tutor with existing clients you can onboard them to Knack and take advantage of the value of the platform for free!


  • Knacks scheduling functionality, session timing, automatic payment, and rating and review system will help you work more efficiently.
  • Boost your profile as the ratings/reviews provided by your existing clients will immediately make your profile stand out. 
  • Your existing clients can take advantage of the Knack Referral Program to help you score more business. 

As long as you have properly invited your pre-existing students to Knack, you will never pay a Knack Service fee for sessions with those students. 

*You will not be charged the Knack service fee (20%) for any sessions with existing clients. 

How to invite an pre-existing client to Knack

After signing up as a tutor you will have 2 weeks to invite all of your existing clients to Knack. 

1. Navigate to your profile and press "Bring on Existing Clients"

2. Enter the phone number of the student(s) you would like to invite to Knack. 

Once the student signs up with the link you texted them, you will see them as an accepted existing client!

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