You can now share a link that will take students directly to your tutor profile on the web. This link will also display rich content from your profile when you post it on Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter, or when you send it through text. 

Facebook preview example:

Sharing on Facebook

There are a number of different ways that you can share your tutor profile on Facebook, including: 

  • Commenting on request for help posts 
  • Posting in groups
  • Posting on your own timeline

Commenting on posts/requests for help

We recommend checking Facebook for students' posts asking for help in course(s)/looking for a tutor. An easy way to do this is to search the word tutor and filter your search to include posts from “Your Friends and Groups”. Look through these posts to find ones you can tutor and leave a comment linking to your profile/telling them about the promotion of $20 off to try you. 

Example: Hey, I can help you with that course, book me with this link and use [REFERRALCODE] for $20 off our first session together -

Note: if you see a subject or course someone needs help in that you haven't added to your profile yet, you can always add the course to your profile then reach out to support (Messages > Chat with Support) and we'll work to expedite approval.

Posting in FB Groups

Joining and posting in groups that consist of relevant students (“school community”, "class of 20XX" groups, class groups, course-specific groups, etc...) will drastically increase your profile exposure. Regularly posting in these groups throughout the year will help you find and connect with every last student who needs your help. Learn
more about posting in Facebook Groups.

Posting on your own Timeline

You never know which of your Facebook friends, their friends, or their friends’ friends might need your help. Therefore, regularly posting on your timeline to announce that you are “Open for Business” is a great way to get the word out to all of your extended connections.

What to post?

Example Posts: 

  1. Hey everyone! As you may or may not already know, I have decided to start tutoring at [SCHOOL]. I am tutoring all the courses on this link and I’m only going to charge [$15] per hour. Book me with this link and use [REFERRALCODE] for $20 off our first session together.
  2. Hello all! If you need any help this semester I can tutor you! I am a senior Mathematics major with considerable experience tutoring all the courses listed here. Book me with this link and use [REFERRALCODE] for $20 off our first session together. 


We've made this as simple as possible and can all be done through the app (or on the web if you choose).

Through the app...

  1. Click 'Profile' at the bottom
  2. Press 'Share Your Profile'
  3. Select the Facebook Share icon towards the bottom
  4. Click your name at the top just above "Posting to..." and select your audience (this is a quick way to hit the groups and/or the individual timelines of your friends)
  5. Select 'Done' and type in a blurb explaining your experience and feel free to include your referral code which discounts their first session by $20. See examples above.

Through the web...

  1. Find the appropriate place you'd like to post (e.g. your timeline, friend's timeline, group, page, etc.).
  2. Add a blurb (see examples above)
  3. Paste your profile link:
  4. Rinse, lather, repeat 😉

Want to take your marketing efforts to the next level?

Check out the Tutor Marketing Handbook to find more best practices for posting on Facebook, as well as other marketing tactics proven to help you get more students. 

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