You have two options for managing the completion of your session. You can either use the session timer, or you can manually log the completed session. Remember, you must have created a session before you can complete it.

Timing the Session

The session timer allows you to easily record the duration of your session. Using the session timer ensures complete accuracy, transparency and automatic transfer of payments. 

The session timer will not start until both you and your tutor have pressed “Start”, but it will end when either one of you presses “End”. The timer will continue running even if your phone is asleep, so don’t worry about that.

Logging the session

If you don't feel the need to use the session timer, you can just manually log the completion of the session, which will send your student a request to confirm. To manually log the time, open the scheduled session and click Log Session Time above the timer. 


What if a session runs longer or shorter than expected?

Your session is billed and prorated exactly to the minute.

If the session runs long: make sure the student is aware of the time and ask them if they wish to continue. If they agree, keep the timer running – this will ensure that you are paid for the extra time. 

If the session ends early: simply hit stop on the timer to conclude the session.

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