Viewing All Users

When you login to the Knack Dashboard, your welcome screen will be the Users page. On the users page, you can filter to see and tutor or student (students and tutors) at your organization that you have admin permissions for, sorted by the date that the user created their account.

From the users page, you can click on specific users to see a more details about them, including their activity on Knack.

Viewing Specific Users

When you select a specific user, you'll arrive on that user's overview tab. The overview tab provides general information about the user that they set themself. This information includes the user's: full name, profile picture, sign up date, college, location, contact details, and notification preferences.

In addition to the overview tab, you can access the following tabs: tutor profile, sessions, tutor requests, reviews.

  • Tutor Profile(only for Tutors): This tab includes the tutor's pitch, bio, availability, group session preferences, earned badges, and courses. Courses will have one of three statuses: Active = the tutor is available to tutor the course. Disabled = The tutor is not available to tutor the course. Unverified = the tutor is not available for the course yet because they are pending verification.
  • Sessions: This tab includes all sessions the user had as a student or as a tutor. For any sessions, you can see the involved user(s), course, session status, and start time. The session status will be one of the following: Invited: the user was invited to a session by another user. Requested: the user has a session that has not been accepted by the tutor yet. Accepted: The tutor has accepted the session. Canceled: the session was canceled. Starting: at least one user has pressed start on the session timer and the session is about to begin. In Progress: the session timer is running and in progress. Completed: the session is completed. Awaiting Student: this indicates the tutor is awaiting the student's response. Awaiting Tutor: this indicates the user is awaiting the tutor's response. Missed: the student and tutor never met. Payment Pending: the user's payment on the session failed. Tutor Declined: the tutor declined the session. Student Declined: the student declined the session invite.
  • Tutor Requests: On this tab, you can view all tutor requests the student has sent. You can filter those requests by whether they are open or closed. Tutor requests close when students find a tutor and manually close them, or after 2 weeks passes without a response. On each tutor request, you can see: how many offers were sent by tutors to help the student and how many tutors were notified about the student needing help.
  • Reviews: On this tab, you can view all reviews that a user received as a tutor and left for tutors as a student.

For more information and support, check out the rest of our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right.

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