The sessions page includes all sessions that user's at your organization have created. For any sessions, you can see the involved user(s), course, session status, and start time. Clicking on a user who was involved in a session will take you to that user's profile.

The session status(shown from the student's perspective) will be one of the following:

  • Invited: the user was invited to a session by another user.
  • Requested: the user has a session that has not been accepted by the tutor yet.
  • Scheduled: The tutor has accepted the proposed session.
  • Canceled: the session was canceled.
  • Starting: at least one user has pressed start on the session timer and the session is about to begin.
  • In Progress: the session timer is running and the session is now in progress.
  • Completed: the session was completed.
  • Awaiting Student: this indicates the tutor is awaiting the student's response on an update to the session.
  • Awaiting Tutor: this indicates the user is awaiting the tutor's response on an update to the session.
  • Missed: the student and tutor never met.
  • Payment Pending: the user's payment on the session has failed.
  • Tutor Declined: the tutor declined the session.
  • Student Declined: the student declined the session invite.

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