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What is the Tutor SDP Program?
What is the Tutor SDP Program?
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Countless studies have shown that "soft skills" are in ever-increasing demand by employers across every industry. We created the Tutor Skills Development Program (SDP) to help tutors gain these sought after yet difficult to attain competencies.

As with our current Knack Tutor Training, the SDP is built in accordance with the NACE framework. In addition to conducting tutoring sessions, tutors can complete a series of self-reflections, trainings, and skill assessments on the Knack platform. As tutors reach time-based tutoring milestones, they become eligible to complete these assessments as well as receive profile badges.

The SDP currently exists as training supplemental to our standard tutor training and may evolve over time. Your Partner Success Manager will share updates and data about the SDP when it becomes available. SDP data will be compiled within your Annual Report and shared with Knack Partner Executive(s), Knack Buyer(s) and other stakeholders during the renewal process.

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