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Knack Partner FAQs: Dashboard
Knack Partner FAQs: Dashboard

Here's a quick reference for common questions around the Knack Admin Dashboard

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What email address will my Dashboard invite come from?
Your Dashboard invite will come from The subject line will contain the words Knack Dashboard.

When will I get the invite?

The Knack Program Administrator (KPA) and Knack Buyer will automatically get a Dashboard invitation once the program has launched in the first term.

How do I know how many Dashboard seats my program has available?

This is noted in your Knack agreement. You may also ask your Partner Success Manager.

What if I want more Dashboard seats than were included in our agreement?

Each individual additional Dashboard seat on top of what’s included in your Knack agreement carries a cost of $500 per year, which may or may not be waived for certain partners. Please note this cost is subject to change.

How can I add others to Dashboard and when can they access?

Please let your Partner Success Manager know the name, email address, and title of the person you want to add so they can get this information to the right team to process.

Upon receiving, the Knack Team will email that person their Dashboard invitation within 2 business days. Please let them know it will come from and that the subject line will contain the words Knack Dashboard.

How do I choose who to add?

We suggest you select people who should have ongoing, high-level awareness of your Knack program or those most directly involved with supporting a KPA in the execution of their role. Some schools may select to invite a data analyst from their team to Dashboard. Please keep in mind that data capabilities in Dashboard will grow over time and we’re continually adding new features.

How can I know more about what’s coming up for Dashboard or the Student Platform?

As the KPA, you are automatically receiving the Knack Partner Newsletter from, which includes a “Knack Product Update” each month. Select updates or announcements will be shared there.

If you want more information, please connect with Knack’s Head of Product, Rob Steller. Book a meeting with him anytime here:

Who do I contact if I’m having trouble accessing Dashboard?

If you have followed the instructions in your email from and are still having trouble accessing Dashboard, please let your Partner Success Manager know. The more details, the better (please include screenshots).

Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback?

You can share this via the Knack Partner Feedback Form or via email to

You can also book a meeting with Rob Steller, Head of Product, here:

I was able to log in before but am now having trouble. What should I do?

Try logging out and logging back in, or using a different web browser. If you have forgotten your password, please set a new one through the “Forgot Password” flow. If you are still having trouble, please let your Partner Success Manager know. The more details, the better (please include screenshots).

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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