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Viewing course details on the Knack Dashboard

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The courses page is the best place to see activity in each course, both supported and unsupported by your program.

When in the courses tab, you will have two views:

  1. Supported Courses: In this tab, you can see the performance of each course currently supported by your program. Clicking into a specific course will bring you to the details page where you can see:

    1. The active tutors there are for a specific course.

    2. The tutor requests submitted for that course.

    3. The sessions that have taken place or will take place in said course.

  2. Unsupported Courses: In this tab, you will be able to see the performance of all unsupported courses. Clicking into an unsupported course will bring you to a details page. This page will include information such as:

    1. Tutor requests that have been submitted in that course.

    2. The qualified tutors for the course.

    Note: Students who submit requests in unsupported courses are given a message letting them know the course is not supported, and the request is then automatically closed.

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