When you meet up with your tutor, you will start the session with the Session Timer, found in Session Details. The Session Timer is used to calculate the cost of your session.

Open the Session

You can find all of your scheduled sessions under the "Sessions" tab in the menu bar. Navigate to and open the session.

Start the Session

When you and your tutor are present and you are ready to begin the session, both of you will start the timer. When the timer starts, begin working! The timer will continue running even if your phone is asleep, so don’t worry about that.

Stop the Session

Once you are done studying, either you or the tutor may press "End" to stop the timer. This will conclude the session.

After the session


You will be automatically billed at the conclusion of the session for the amount displayed.

Rating & Review

Once your session is completed, you will be prompted to leave a rating and review. Please leave a detailed review of your tutor and the session!

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