Your Subjects

Before you can start receiving Tutor Job notifications and session requests from students, you must first be approved for tutoring subjects. The more courses you're approved for, the more frequently you will connect with students!

Adding subjects to tutor

After clicking "Become a Tutor", you will be prompted to add the courses you would like to tutor. Upon inputting the courses, you will be prompted to submit your transcript to prove your proficiency.

Managing your Tutoring Subjects

Head to your ProfileTutoring Subjects. Here, you can add new subjects, set the rate for your subjects, disable subjects, and remove subjects.

Setting your rate

Set your hourly rate(s) based on your level of experience.

  • FREE - This is a great way to get started. Get comfortable tutoring the class and build your ratings/reviews.
  • PAID ($X/hr) -  You aced your class and you're ready to help! You feel comfortable and confident helping students.

Available Sponsorships

Your rate may be overridden by certain sponsorships, depending on the course. Make sure to check the earnings estimate is correct prior to accepting any session.

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