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Joining a Tutoring Session
Joining a Tutoring Session

How to Join an Open Session

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Open sessions will show up on the Find tutors page. These sessions are open to any interested students. By clicking on the specific session, you will be taken to the session details page. If you decide to attend, you can select Join session on the top-right corner of that page. Once you have done so, that session will show up in your Sessions tab.

When you, your tutor, and any other students attending are present at the scheduled time, the session can begin. For more information on how starting the session works, check out this article.

If you happen to know about a specific tutor hosting a session, you can also search for them by their name. Their open sessions (if any) will show up on their profile page.

For more information on searching for a specific tutor, check out this article!

And if you'd like to request your own group session, check this one out!

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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