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Secure File Delivery FAQs
Secure File Delivery FAQs

Here's a quick reference for common questions around setting up and securely sharing files

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I'm having trouble delivering files. What steps can I take to ensure the files are delivered properly?

Once you are logged in to your Secure File Delivery account, you'll see an inbox and outbox folder. Navigate inside of the inbox folder, as all files should be delivered here. Once you are inside of the inbox folder, you'll have several options to choose from. Select the first button in the action menu, to upload files and from there you will be able to attach the relevant files.

How often should updated files be delivered?

Updated files will need to be delivered prior to the start of each term. After initial delivery each term, we ask that you deliver a final student list, that has been updated after the add/drop period has ended. This will help ensure that all students who are eligible for free tutoring can access it.

It seems as though the scoping for our tutor list returns a lot more students than the student list. Is that normal?

Yes. Not everyone we email will actually become a tutor, so we need to cast a wide net for recruitment. That said, please be sure all emails included on either list are still active.

When does this need to be completed?

At minimum, we will need all files delivered prior to the start of the term. This will help us ensure that eligible students have access to free tutoring as soon as their semester begins. If possible, it’s preferable that all files are delivered one week before the start of the term.

How do I know which students to include on each list?

You should have received information about the program details from Knack's Partner Operations Lead, which indicates the parameters for each list. If you have yet to receive these specifications, you just need to send over the course catalog at this time.

I see the generic naming structure, but how do I know what my school’s lists should be called?

You should have received information about the program details from Knack's Partner Operations Lead, which indicates the desired name for each list.

I have lists that are ready to send. How can I verify their accuracy?

If you adhered to the program details from Knack's Partner Operations Lead, which indicated the parameters for each list, you have likely pulled the correct data. If you’d still like someone to check it, your school’s Knack Program Administrator (KPA) should be able to help validate.

Do we need to update the file name when we send new lists?

No. Please overwrite the existing files whenever you send updated lists.

Will any of the data points that we provide will be visible to other tutors and students?

No. This data is used simply to qualify students to participate in the program, it is not shown to users.

How are students/tutors solicited?

We send 6-8 emails to prospective students and tutors each term.

Do students/tutors have the ability to opt-out of solicitations?

Yes. Prospective students and tutors can opt-out at any time.

Why doesn’t the tutor list include the courses they meet the criteria for?

This list is for outreach purposes. Once tutors enter the platform, they will submit an unofficial transcript to verify the courses in which they are eligible to tutor.

Why doesn’t the student list include any info on how they met the criteria (e.g., the courses they’re enrolled in, the supported group they belong to, etc.)?

The list is for outreach and qualification purposes only. Every student on the list will be granted the same privileges to receive free tutoring on the platform. If we need different groups, we’ll ask for separate lists.

Please click here for more information about Secure File Delivery Configuration

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