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How to Connect with an On-Demand Tutor
How to Connect with an On-Demand Tutor

Learn how to connect with an on-demand tutor

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Knack has a network of on-demand tutors who are able to connect with you at any time of day. On-demand tutoring is best utilized when you're in a time crunch or haven't heard back from a peer tutor in some time.

Follow these steps to get connected with an on-demand tutor:

  1. Navigate to the 'Find tutors' page
    This is located in the top right corner of your screen.

  2. Click on the 'Request an on-demand session' button
    This can be found at the bottom of the 'Find tutors' page.

  3. Fill out the 'On-demand session' form
    Select the subject that you need help in and provide details about what you need assistance with. You can format your question(s), add equations, and even strings of code. Use whatever you need to clearly get your message across. The more specific, the better!

  4. Click the 'Connect with an expert tutor' button when you're done
    Once your request has been submitted, a professional tutor will be with you shortly. You’ll know when they’ve entered the online classroom when the 'Join online classroom' button turns blue.

  5. Join the online classroom
    Similar to meeting with a peer tutor, you’ll first enter a temporary room to ensure the microphone and camera are working. Once you’re in the classroom, you’re good to go!

  6. Don't forget to leave a review for your tutor!
    We strongly encourage you to provide feedback as it plays a crucial role in ensuring our tutors are helping you in the best way possible.

    Note: On-demand tutors are meant to be one-off connections. After your session, you are unable to message them. We encourage you to be very thoughtful with your intentions and use your session time wisely!

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