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Knack Partner FAQs: Professional Tutoring
Knack Partner FAQs: Professional Tutoring

Here's a quick reference for common questions around our professional tutors

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How will this impact price and my total available hours?

There is no impact to pricing given Knack’s all-inclusive pricing model, which includes unlimited access to tutoring for covered students.

How do students choose between peer tutors or professional tutors?

Knack encourages students to conduct scheduled, weekly tutoring sessions with peer tutors, while professional tutors are available on-demand to help students move past a “stuck point” while studying. They may only hop on for 5-15 minutes to get an answer to a quick question. In our eyes, it’s not one or the other.

What if a student prefers working with a professional tutor over a peer tutor?

Knack believes in the power of peer learning, and can confidently say that students prefer learning from their peers. Professional tutors are made available to fill in gaps that can’t be met by peer tutors. Peer and professional tutors exist as complimentary offerings that provide different value to students. If a student needs an immediate answer to a question, the on-demand network of professional tutors is standing by. If the student needs to prepare for an upcoming exam, they’ll prefer to work with a peer tutor who has actually taken their exact course before. Across the board, professional tutoring makes up less than 5% of total usage.

Where are these professional tutors from?

Knack has an international base of professional tutors, so they come from all over the globe. This global network helps us ensure that tutors are available in every timezone, 24/7/365. All tutors are fluent in English, and some speak multiple languages.

What’s the difference between synchronous, on-demand tutoring and asynchronous support?

Knack’s network of professional tutors is available for both synchronous and asynchronous support. On-demand, synchronous tutoring allows students to connect with a tutor within minutes. They meet in the Knack Online Tutoring Classroom, where they can get the help they need. Asynchronous support, on the other hand, allows students to drop off a question or paper for feedback and guidance. These submissions get responded to in less than 24 hours (average turnaround is ~4 hours).

How can we ensure the professional tutor is capable of tutoring the course/subject if they were never students on our campus?

Professional tutors have earned at least a Master’s Degree in their area of expertise (some have even earned a Ph.D.). Furthermore, professional tutors undergo competency tests and extensive training to ensure they are highly qualified. As they begin working with students on Knack, post-session feedback helps to ensure that any tutors who are subpar are removed from our network.

Will the professional tutors provide student feedback after each session?

Professional tutors will leave a recap after the session, just like our peer tutors do. This allows the tutor to summarize what was covered and highlight any takeaways for the student to work on independently afterwards.

Will the tutees have an opportunity to provide tutor feedback after each session?

Yes. They will leave a rating and review just like they do for peer tutors.

Can students schedule recurring sessions with professional tutors?

No. Professional tutors are only available on-demand. Sessions can only be scheduled with peer tutors.

If we receive negative feedback about a tutor, can they be excluded from tutoring our students in the future?

Yes. Professional tutors must provide high-quality tutoring services to our students. If a student is unsatisfied with the quality of tutoring provided, we will work to resolve the issue and remove that tutor from our network if necessary.

Can the peer tutors be part of the click-to-connect group of tutors?

Not yet. For now, peer tutors are only available for scheduled sessions.

Please click here for a quick overview about Professional Tutoring.

For more information and support, check out our help center or chat with us by clicking the bubble in the bottom right corner of any page.

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