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Knack Partner FAQs: Student Success Team
Knack Partner FAQs: Student Success Team

Here's a quick reference for common administrator questions around the Knack Student Success Team

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Can I send in questions or feedback on behalf of a student?

You certainly can, though we would advise you to route students to engage with our team directly instead. This helps our team gather additional details so we can ensure timely resolution and a positive experience for students. We don’t want to play a game of telephone between the student, you, your Partner Success Manager, and our Student Success team. This ultimately delays resolution for the student and does not empower them to communicate with Knack and take advantage of dedicated support from this team.

Can this team answer my questions about my Knack program?

No, they are not best suited for that, since they are the experts in helping students. If you are the Knack Program Administrator, please contact your Partner Success Manager. If you are faculty or staff at a school with a Knack program, please contact your campus Knack Program Administrator.

How long does it take for a student to hear back from the Student Success Team?

Students can message our team 24/7/365. The average response time is roughly 2 minutes, but responses are even quicker than that during standard business hours. In addition to the team, we have a self-service help center with hundreds of articles to help students find their own answers on their own time.

Is it helpful for me to follow up with the Student Success Team to check the status of my students’ requests?

No. Depending on a student’s question, the Student Success Team may need to work with our Operations Team, who could connect with your school’s IT to resolve the issue, or they might work internally with our Engineering or Product Team for resolution. In select instances, they may connect with your Partner Success Manager to share something that needs your approval or decision, typically at the program-level. If and when that happens, your Partner Success Manager will contact you.

If a student shares this is what they were told and you have not heard from your Partner Success Manager, feel free to use the language below:

Example Message

Dear [Student Name],

It’s great to hear that you reached out to Knack’s Student Success team. They are the experts, so you are on the right track with this first step for help.

If they said they are looking into it, I am confident they will get back to you. They may be investigating your question further with teams internally to provide you an answer.

If they said they are working with the school, this could be with our IT group or with me. I will hear from Knack if needed, but this item could be technical in nature. I trust that the Student Success team will get back to you once they have an answer for you.

In either case, please continue to communicate with the Student Success Team.

You can follow-up with them via live chat (online or in the app) or by emailing You may also find your answer in the Knack Help Center.

We’re so glad to see that you're using Knack and taking advantage of the program. We’re confident Knack will be able to get you all the answers you need!



I recommended a student reach out to the Student Success Team and they told me they haven’t heard back yet. What should I do?

Encourage them to check their notifications and log back into the platform to be sure. Clarify with the student whether they never heard back or if their resolution is in progress and they simply want an update. In either case, encourage them to contact support again.

For a quick overview about how you should direct students to connect with Knack’s Student Success Team to get their questions answered, please click here.

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