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Helping Students Get Answers to their Knack Questions
Helping Students Get Answers to their Knack Questions

Here's a quick overview about how you should direct students to connect with Knack’s Student Success Team to get their questions answered.

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Who is the Student Success Team?

The Student Success Team is a group of full-time professionals dedicated to the success of students and tutors on Knack. Their onboarding and training includes deep learning about Knack, our student platform, our partnerships, and more. They are experts in helping students and tutors get the most out of Knack.

What does the Student Success Team do?

This team responds to student and tutor questions about Knack, conducts student and tutor outreach, and executes other student support strategies to remove the need for school admins to spend time and energy answering student questions about Knack. For examples of their work, please see more here.

When is the Student Success Team available for students?

Students can message our team 24/7/365. The average response time is roughly 2 minutes, but responses are even quicker than that during standard business hours. In addition to the team, we have a self-service help center with hundreds of articles to help students find their own answers on their own time.

Why should I direct students to the Student Success Team?

  • They are the experts. We don’t expect our partners to become experts on the Knack Platform, and, even if you were a Knack expert, you still wouldn’t have access to view the data needed to resolve students’ issues or answer their questions.

  • They need to hear from students directly at the time of concern. This helps us gather additional details so we can ensure timely resolution and a positive experience for students. We don’t want to play a game of telephone between the student, you, your Partner Success Manager, and our Student Success team.

  • It allows you to focus on your other key responsibilities, like garnering faculty and advisor support to aid tutor recruitment and program promotion.

How do I direct students to the Student Success Team?

Feel free to use the following language, which is accessible by using the toggle arrow, located to the left.

Dear [Student Name],

Thanks for your question about Knack. In order to get your issue resolved as soon as possible, please contact the Student Success team via live chat (online or in the app) or by emailing

You’ll get help directly from someone who can see your Knack profile and has in-depth knowledge about the platform as well as our partnership with them. This includes any questions about courses covered, technical problems, and student/tutor eligibility. You may also find your answer in the Knack Help Center.

We’re so glad to see that you're utilizing Knack and taking advantage of the program. We’re confident Knack will be able to get you all the answers you need!



If you are the Knack Program Administrator for your program, the above email template is always accessible in your Engagement Plan.

Have more questions about the Student Success Team? Please see those FAQs here.

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