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Understanding Key Teams at Knack
Understanding Key Teams at Knack

Here's a quick overview about the teams at Knack who help our partners succeed

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Each Knack Partner has a dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM) for their program. While this PSM works most closely with the campus-selected Knack Program Administrator, launching and growing successful Knack programs is truly a team effort.

Read on to learn more about the different teams here at Knack and which team your PSM may be working with in order to support specific aspects of your program’s success.

Student Success Team

This team responds to student and tutor questions about Knack, conducts student and tutor outreach, and executes other student support strategies to alleviate a school’s admin time and energy in this area. Please see here to better understand how you can direct students to this team, and why it’s important to do so.

Examples of work: Responding to tutor and student questions via email or live chat in the platform, coordinating tutor staffing for Knack Tabling Events, hosting Tutor Info Sessions, running Tutor Mentorship Sessions, and more.

Product Team

This team is responsible for two products: the Dashboard and the Tutoring Platform. In doing so, they continually seek product feedback and ideas from students, tutors, and Knack Admin.

Examples of work: Planning new features, identifying and prioritizing product improvements, conducting focus groups, analyzing data, and more.

Partner Operations Team

This team manages the day-to-day operations of all partner programs. They configure the system to deliver programs, they configure custom reports, and they monitor the health of active programs.

Examples of work: Managing data reporting, coordinating recurring data delivery for new and active partners, updating active programs, launching new Knack programs, and more.

Marketing Team

This team handles mass communication with partners, students, and tutors. In doing so, they create email campaigns, facilitate webinars, design collateral, and review success of existing strategies.

Examples of work: For Partners: Partner Newsletter, Webinars, Case Studies, and more; For Students: Acquisition and activation strategies to recruit and engage as many students and tutors as possible for each partner.

Engineering Team

This team is responsible for building and maintaining the technology that powers all of Knack’s products. They work hand-in-hand with the Product Team to update the platform, fix bugs, and plan for future improvements.

Examples of work: Facilitating integrations (SSO, Salesforce, etc.), developing new features, fixing bugs, building technological infrastructure, ensuring system security, and more.

Partnerships Team

This team is responsible for forging new partnerships with colleges and universities across the country. In addition, they provide support for existing partners whenever and wherever the Partner Success Team needs assistance.

Examples of work: Building and maintaining relationships with current and prospective partners, attending industry events to better understand the needs of the market, navigating opportunities for expansion with existing partners, and more.

Partner Success Team

This team supports and advises our partners as they navigate implementation, launch, promotion, and management of an active Knack program by working closely with that program’s selected Knack Program Administrator. In addition, they are focused on building resources to help educate and orient Knack Program Administrators on best practices for increasing program engagement.

Examples of work: Hosting regular Engagement Calls with partners, recommending strategies and best practices to increase program success, creating and maintaining Engagement Plans, delivering Knack Annual Reports, answering questions from partners, and more.

Across the entire Knack Pack, we enjoy working together to support your students and are truly grateful for your partnership. Thank you for trusting each of these teams to drive success for your Knack program!

Are you an active Knack Partner and want to know who to contact with a question? Please see the Help Content section of your Engagement Plan. You can also reach out directly to your Partner Success Manager.

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