Am I eligible to tutor?

Are you a current student (or recent graduate) at a Knack Partner College? If so, you may be eligible to tutor on Knack.

What courses can I tutor?

As a tutor on Knack, you're able to help students in any course in which you meet the minimum grade requirements for (typically A- or better).

Can international students tutor?

International students must receive approval from their designated school official (DSO) before tutoring on Knack. Learn more here, and contact us with any questions.

Can I tutor online?

Yes! As of right now, the majority of sessions on Knack are online.

How much do I get paid?

That depends on any sponsorships available to you or students at your school. Sponsored students receive free tutoring and, for those sessions, you'll receive a fixed rate that is determined by the sponsorship. Outside of sponsored sessions, you may be eligible to set your own rate that students will pay out-of-pocket.

Why isn't the session timer starting?

Is the student there? You won't be able to start the session timer until at least one student has joined/accepted the session.

Why does the timer sometimes say "Waiting on student"?

If you created the session and invited the student, you have complete control over the session timer. If the student created the session via a session request, the student will also need to start the session timer before the session can begin!

What if my student doesn't show up to the session?

If a student doesn't show up, you'll need to cancel the session. Multiple cancellations by students may result in their loss of privileges so, if you feel necessary, please report the user to Knack.

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